EarthAngelz Application

Hello there, if you've reached this page I'm assuming that you've come to apply to EarthAngelz. If not then that's a shame.

However, if you have applied, make sure you have read through our rules and agree to them.

There are a few things you must have before you apply to EarthAngelz these are:

  • ICQ or MSN, all business is done through these or the forums
  • A country, we need to see what you're like somehow
    • That's all, have a good day and I hope I haven't put you off.

Log-in Information
Display Name:
Confirm Password:
How long have you been playing Earth2025?
Were you referred to EarthAngelz?
Have you been in any alliances before? If so, which?
What is your country number in the Alliance Server?
How much time are you willing to give EarthAngelz and Earth2025 per day?
What is your ICQ number or MSN address?
Why do you want to join EarthAngelz?
What timezone are you in?
You must agree to follow the rules and conditions as follows:

I Agree to follow the rules as outlined above.