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Welcome to La Familgia La Famiglia is a close group of players that depend on communication, we ask that our applicants provide their game profile for verification For contact purposes, we prefer Discord.

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Tell us a little about yourself. Please be thorough when answering these questions. We're more likely to accept your application if you put some effort into it, one word answers are discouraged.
Are you new to earth? If not, what are your previous alliances? When did you start playing?
Do you have any leadership experience?
Are you familiar with Discord? Our Discord server is active almost 24 hours a day.
Are you likely to hang out in Discord? We pride ourselves on our 24/7 activity and it's the best way to learn new things about earth.
What strategies have you played? What is your favorite strategy?
What was the highest networth you have achieved? Do you tend to be more of a breaker or a finisher in wars?
Are you familiar with stockpiling?
Are you more likely to land grab or play all explore?
Do you prefer to netgain or war? We require basic knowledge in both, or the ability to be active enough to learn.
If LaF goes to war can they count on you to actively help fight? This is required
Have you ever suicided on another country for any reason? If so, please explain why
New members are asked to actively post their countries so our trainers can help teach them top strategies, does this work for you?
Who (if anyone) referred you to LaF?
What is your Earth: Empires country number?
Why did you choose LaF? Give a brief explanation.
Do you agree to abide by Earth Empires gaming rules regarding running only ONE country in the Earth Alliance server?
Please provide a link to your Game profile. Guide for finding your Game profile.
Do you have any other questions or comments? Be prepared to be interviewed or emailed questions about your application.
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