Welcome to Revolution 1A

"As real as it gets."

You will be joining one of the best and elite alliances in Earth:2025 Alliance server to date. The clan has been successful in both netting and warring for the past year. The community offers a fun and free environment which I'm sure you will enjoy. We are composed of veteran players who have been playing the game for a long time and new people just like you who want to learn the in and outs of this game. We will help you get better and be one of the best players around. Just apply here, follow the rules, and you will be welcomed with so much passion you will piss your pants. Hehe!

Please fill up the questions truthfully and they will be thoroughly reviewed. So you better answer in truth. If you are a returning member still fill out the application form and put something we know about you.

Thank you and you'll be having a great time if you get accepted. Apply now.

Once accepted, you can login using: http://www.boxcarhosting.com/public/home.php
It will automatically redirect you to the Revolt Home page. Thank you.

Reminder: Please fill out every question below. If you can't or don't have an answer just put the reason or a simple "No country yet." or "-NA-" would suffice. Applications that are not filled up will be rejected immediately. Thank you. Have a swirvey day.

Log-in Information
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Confirm Password:
Who referred you to Revolution? If no referral, then how did you find out about our clan?
What's your country number AND country name? (1A/Alliance server)
Have you been in any other alliances? If yes, what clans are these?
Have you held leadership roles in these said clans?
Where can we contact you? through MSN? Yahoo? AOL? ICQ? (include the contact information)
How long have you been playing Earth:2025?
Where do you live? (city, country)
You must agree to follow the rules and conditions as follows:

I Agree to follow the rules as outlined above.