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The Prophet is a laid back, family friendly leveling/causal raiding guild. Our main focus is on having fun both in game and out. We are into casual 10-Man raiding and helping to get people geared so they can join the raiding roster and face the newer challenges alongside us. We also regularly run 10 and 25-Man raids with our "Sister Guild" Viva La Horde and with our friends over at Deadly Fighters. If you are looking for a "Cutting Edge Guild" whose target is to be farming the latest raid content just after it comes out, I am afraid you will need to continue your search. We are casual players who like to take our time and enjoy the content provided. We are here for fun, afterall that is what we pay for. We know we will be comfortably clearing end game raids soon enough, so why rush the journey ;-) So if this sounds like a place you could settle into and have a good time, by all means we would be happy to have you. We look forward to having you with us!

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