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Earth Empires up and running! - 04/27/2010

Earth Empires is online and working with Boxcar!.
Since the start of the game, we have seen lots of new features added, here is a quick rundown:

  • Auto uploading spyops
  • Improved ranks and news accuracy
  • Improved market accuracy and timeliness
  • DR calculations on country search
  • New country search options
  • Updated tech formulas and calculations

Thanks to everyone who helped debug these features and let's focus on building Earth Empires into a new, thriving web game!
Thanks all

Public page redesign - 03/30/2009

We put in a new public look for the time being.
This will go along with some new plans to improve the in-site template, allowing it to have customizable themes.
I have been incredibly busy at work and with other non-Boxcar computer endeavours, so bare with me while we get these changes in.
Once we get the new round of changes implemented (basically, the new template) the site should run faster, be more streamlined and customizable.
We will also look to start hosting other games as well soon (Astro Empires springs to mind :p), so if there are some other games that you would like to see us hosting, let me know.
Thanks all

Open to all - 01/31/2009

After many months of work, Boxcar is finally ready to be opened to all users.
As I write this, we are hosting over 20 alliances with hundreds of users and have the capacity to take in many many more.

If you would like to create an account click here to apply and your application will be dealt with quickly.

New features are being added daily, so stay tuned and see what else we have up our sleeves.

Enjoy your stay. :)